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Christie Ressel | Entrepreneur International Stylist Turned Coach |

Christie Ressel is an international image consultant, trainer, and coach who helps women rise. WOMAN ON THE RISE is a Journal for every woman who is levelling up in life and business. A beautiful complement to Christie’s course and coaching.

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Ryan Moralevitz

Ryan Moralevitz | Author InspirOcean |

At the age of 4, Ryan created The Fishes Wishes to help raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation. Ten years AND two books later, The Fishes Wishes has raised $16,000 for ocean conservation.

Read Ryan’s inspiring story.

Stephanie Mcknight | CHAO Travel Journal |

Longing for adventure during the pandemic, Stephanie and Jimmy channelled their travel knowledge into a printed journal – that’s now on bookstore shelves!!

Read Stephanie’s journal design and business tips!
photo of Natalee Linez

Natalee Linez | The MAGIC Journal |

Natalee is a social media influencer, busy actress, female entrepreneur and creator of the MAGIC Journal.

Here’s how Natalie does it all!
photo of Karen Rae

Karen Rae | Balanced Life by Karen Rae® |

As a newbie to printing a custom product, Karen “didn’t know what she didn’t know”. Karen shared her vision with us. The result? A Balanced Life Planner® system with a branded gift box, dry erase board, pen and custom snap-ins.

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photo of Grace Gyemfi

Grace Gyemfi | Arrivista Planners |

A gorgeous sleeve box and 3 other offset printing finishes make the Arrivista Planners a gorgeous girlfriend gift. Arrivistas are more than organizers. They are a community.

Read what inspires Grace’s business and why she chose MCRL to print all 4 Arrivista Collections.

photo of Courageous Life Planning Planner

Michael Anthony | Courageous Life Planning System

Michael’s Courageous Life® Planning System blends creativity, coaching and concrete advice, into 100% custom planners.

Michael calls MCRL “Simply THE BEST!”. Sweet words every company aspires to hear from their clients.

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photo of Lucy Noland

Lucy Noland | Journalist and Author |

Lucy and team choose MCRL Overseas Group as their printer of choice because of our eco-friendly print options and partnership with Trees for the Future. Their beautifully written and illustrated books are printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper with soy-based eco-friendly inks. The cover and spine are made from 100% recycled Eska®board. Kudos to the Archimedes’ team for receiving a KIRKUS STARRED Review!

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Quest for Brightland cover

Angeleah Donahue | Quest for Brightland |

Every page in this custom 11” x 14” hardcover book sparkles with glitter. That’s no easy feat!

There are a few other surprises that make this printed Children’s Book extraordinary.

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photo of Jess Massey

Jess Massey | Peacefully Productive Planners |

Jess is known for getting things done. Her productivity strategies and tools help thousands of women peacefully pursue their dreams, without sacrificing their mental health and relationships.

5 unique features make her 2021 Planner smart, durable and SOLD OUT!