Client Shoutouts

photo of Jess Massey

Jess Massey Peacefully Productive Planners

Jess is known for getting things done. Her productivity strategies and tools help thousands of women peacefully pursue their dreams, without sacrificing their mental helath and relationships.

MCRL hustled to get Jess’s planner just right.

5 unique features make her 2021 Planner smart, durable and SOLD OUT!

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photo of Grace Gyemfi

Grace Gyemfi Arrivista Planners

Each year Grace would try a new Planner, but like Goldilocks, not one was “just right”…UNTIL she created the Arrivista Planner.

MCRL is honored to print both Arrivista editions.

There’s gold glitter and 3 other features that make this a great girlfriend gift.

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photo of Courageous Life Planning Planner

Michael Anthony Courageous Life Planning System

Michael’s Courageous Life® Planning System blends creativity, coaching and concrete advice, into 100% custom planners.

Michael calls MCRL “Simply THE BEST!”. Sweet words every company aspires to hear from their clients.

Every page, feature and focal element is custom printed.

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photo of Lucy Noland

Lucy Noland award winning broadcast journalist, co-founder and author

Lucy’s latest book in the Gata Unbound series is a beautifully written and illustrated book printed on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Paper with soy-based eco-friendly inks. The cover and spine are made from 100% recycled Eska®board.

Lucy chose MCRL as their printer of choice because of our eco-friendly print options and partnership with Trees for the Future.

Kudos to the Archimedes’ team for their environmental focus.

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