Planting trees, changing lives | MCRL Overseas Group over 38,858 Trees Funded

Trees for the Future (TREES) is a non-profit organization focused on land restoration in developing communities around the world.

With every tree planted and every farmer trained, this amazing organization plants seeds for healthy families, sustainable communities, and bright futures.

TREES by the Numbers


Trees Planted

Forest Grdens are home to 2,500+ trees and dozens of species, all planted by the farmer.


Acres Restored

Sustainably restored land offers a regular supply of food and income for the whole family.


People Impacted

We are not just planting trees. Forest Gardens sustainably restore degraded farmland.

MCRL has planted 38,858 TREES since 2019.

We are proud to help this incredible organization improve our planet and the lives of people for generations to come.

Certificate of Support

As a MCRL client, you are welcome to promote TREES FOR THE FUTURE in your socials and online product description.

For example: “Our printing partner is planting trees and changing lives by financially supporting the amazing work of TREES FOR THE FUTURE (@treesforthefuture).

Trees for the Future | Trees for the Future is a United Nations World Restoration Flagship!