Benefits of MCRL Overseas Group's "All-In" Quote

Benefits of MCRL Overseas Group’s “All-In” Quote

MCRL Overseas Group offers an all-in quote to take out the risk

As a business working directly with overseas suppliers, we’re acutely aware of how tariffs, freight and material costs affect pricing.

Did you know? Products previously immune to tariffs, such as books and packaging, are now (as of Jan, 2021) subjected to a 15% and 30% charge, respectively. Journals and Planners are subjected to a 25% tariff.

Tariff rates can change in the blink of an eye making it hard to plan and adding uncertainty to businesses that rely on overseas suppliers.

MCRL Overseas Group takes out the guessing

Tariffs and freight impact your budget and timelines. Because of this, MCRL Overseas Group provides clients with a firm quote that includes tariffs, customs, freight and materials. This avoids any unpleasant surprises and provides expectations on delivery – upfront. In this volatile environment, not many printing and packaging vendors are willing to provide a fixed quote to their clients.

We do.

If you are comparing multiple quotes, familiarize yourself with the terminology and what is/isn’t included in each quote. Knowing your costs will help you make strategic decisions NOW regarding pricing.

Here’s what’s included in every MCRL Overseas Group quote.

If you are in the process of evaluating printing suppliers, we can prepare a quote within 24 hours and are available to answer any production or shipping related questions.

When you choose MCRL Overseas Group for your Journal Printing, Planner Printing or Book Printing project, you get transparent pricing, high quality printing and expert project management.

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