Benefits of MCRL Overseas Group's "All-In" Quote

MCRL Overseas Group’s All-In Quote

As a business working directly with overseas suppliers, we understand that tariffs, shipping and material costs impact your project’s pricing and profit.

If you are comparing multiple printing quotes, make sure to check what is/isn’t included in each printer’s quote.

Here’s what we include in every MCRL Overseas Group quote.

2022 Update: 2 factors impacting every overseas printer

1. Tariffs have increased.

As of January 2021, books and packaging coming into North America are now subjected to a 15% and 30% charge, respectively. Journals and Planners are subjected to a 25% tariff.

Main Message: MCRL Overseas Group provides clients with a firm quote that includes tariffs, customs, shipping and materials. This avoids unpleasant surprises. In this volatile environment, not many printers are willing to provide a fixed price per unit quote. We do.

2. Shipping is taking longer.

While MCRL’s customer care team is located in North America, our printing presses are in Shenzhen, China. This means we rely on sea freight for delivery.

If you have a deadline, please ask us about split shipments. We can air lift part of your order so product is in-hand sooner (approximately 3 weeks including production). There is an extra cost to air freight. We use Fed Ex and provide a tracking number.

Main Message: PLAN AHEAD and be CAREFUL. If you’re working directly with a factory, you have next to no clout securing shipping space and negotiating air freight.

For fourteen years, MCRL has built a production team in Asia and long-term relationships with freight forwarders. Not all overseas printers have these strong relationships.

Minimize Your Risks

Our experienced team is available to answer your production or shipping related questions and prepare a quote.

When you choose MCRL Overseas Group for your Journal Printing, Planner Printing, Book Printing or Packaging project, you get transparent pricing, high quality printing and expert project management.

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