Are you comparing apples to apples?

Are you comparing apples to apples?

What goes into pricing your project

Selecting the right supplier to print your book, planner or other product is a big decision. It warrants research and comparing quotes. However, not all quotes can be compared equally. Be wary of the fine print and get clarification on inclusions and exclusions.

MCRL Overseas Group prepares an ALL-IN quote as we know your printing costs drive your retail pricing and margins.

To ensure you are comparing apples to apples, it’s important to understand what’s included (and what’s not) when evaluating print quotes. Here’s what goes into pricing your MCRL product. We recommend checking these 5 things when comparing other vendor’s print quotes:

1. Customs Charges

MCRL Overseas Group has been in the offshore printing business for over 10 years. We know the associated costs involved with customs and taxes.

The current political climate has made duties charged on certain imports quite volatile. The duties levied on products such as promotional packaging have been rising. We take on the responsibility for absorbing any change in duty fees quoted so you have one less headache to manage.

2. Delivery

We ask for your delivery location on the quote form because we include the sea/ trucking charges to your final destination. Door to door service from overseas is easier than you think. If you don’t know the final landing address yet, no problem, the closest City will work. All duty and customs fees included. Beware – not all suppliers include the final destination in their quote.

3. Customization

The lower cost of overseas printing allows for a higher degree of customization than what you get for the same price by printing domestically. Custom touches make your product stand out from competitors’ “ordinary” work and catch the eye of your target audience. We include pricing for custom options in our quote.

4. Materials

MCRL Overseas Group includes a description and the cost of materials used to produce your unique product. Not all suppliers will provide this level of detail. Watch for suppliers who include the lowest priced materials, not necessarily the most durable or appropriate, in their quotation.

5. Hard Proof

MCRL Overseas Group always produces a sample before beginning production. We highly recommend our clients review the sample so tweaks can be made, if necessary. One sample is included in our quotation. It takes about 1 week + courier time to arrive on your doorstep. Most suppliers charge extra for samples or don’t recommend this important final step.

When you request a quote from MCRL Overseas Group, you can trust we’ll provide you with the highest quality product and hands-on project management at the best possible price.

Are you confused about evaluating printing quotes? We can prepare a printing quote within two business days and walk you through the details. Request a Quote today.