1. Will I get a bound proof of my book?

You will receive a bound proof within 2 weeks of proofing (complex orders may take more time). The bound proof is a sample of the final product to ensure accuracy. Production will begin once you approve the bound proof.

2. When does production start?

Production begins after approval of proofs. Production generally takes 2 – 3 weeks depending on the size and specifications of the order.

3. Do you provide templates?

Once we have an order in place, we can request templates from our production facility for book covers and packaging. Templates are sized and created based on the specifications of your order.

4. What type of ink do you use for your printing?

We use soy-based ink as opposed to traditional petroleum-based ink. Soy-based ink is environmentally friendly, provides brighter vivid colors and is a renewable, sustainable resource.

5. What type of paper to do you use for your printing?

We offer coated and uncoated papers in matte or gloss finish in various weights/thicknesses. We carry FSC approved papers as well as bamboo paper. Bamboo is a renewal resource with a carbon footprint smaller than other papers. Our bamboo paper stock is comparable in strength, brightness and printability to paper made from wood pulp.

6. What is your delivery process and turnaround time?

Once a shipment has left our plant, our Operations Manager will advise as to when you can expect delivery. Shipping turnaround time is specified on your quote… usually about 8 weeks after approval of proofs (sea transit) OR approximately 4 weeks after approval of proofs (air transit – for smaller orders).

7. How do I get a sample?

You can request a sample through our website https://www.mcrlprinting.com/request-sample/. We try our best to send samples that best reflect your requirements based on what we have in stock. We do not charge for samples but often require a $35 flat fee to cover the courier cost.

8. What is included in your quote?

This blog outlines what we include in our quotes.

9. Do I have to pay taxes?

Taxes are based on your delivery location. There are no taxes for US deliveries. Applicable tax (GST/HST) is added to Canadian deliveries.

10. What is the EIN # & IRS#

EIN # is the Employer Identification Number. It is your business number and required for US deliveries. Customs border protection requires this number along with your SS-4 form (for first time deliveries). If your business is not registered, you can supply copies of your social security number and passport. Information collected from clients is kept strictly confidential. MCRL Overseas Group recognizes the trust that clients place in us to protect their data. We follow strict rules to ensure the confidentiality of your information and your privacy.

For more information regarding this subject you can speak to our Operations Manager, Jamie Sholl at 1-888-988-MCRL (6275).

CBP info about formal entries requiring US entity as Ultimate Consignee: Please see PDF attached. CBP general expectations of validating POA/IOR: https://www.cbp.gov/trade/programs-administration/customs-brokers/validating-power-attorney