Custom Awards & Kitting Projects

Welcome to the Team Kit

Whether it’s a replica of your company’s unique service award, a new product being launched or a product you want produced better and less expensively, the MCRL Overseas team can help. We do the product sourcing, manage specifications and deliver your project on time and within budget.

We handle complex projects others can’t

MCRL Overseas Group is experienced in managing projects that involve sourcing materials and putting multiple components together. We excel in quarterbacking all types of kitting projects efficiently and cost-effectively.

Companies spend more than half of their operating costs on direct materials, indirect materials, and services. MCRL Overseas Group has strong relationships with suppliers with technical skills in specific areas. We use our trusted network to negotiate the best price on your behalf and manage the production, quality and delivery of many moving parts.

Product Safety Guarantee

A common concern of China-made products is safety. At MCRL Overseas Group we take product safety very seriously. Our team works with third party quality assurance labs and test centers to ensure North American quality and safety standards are passed and exceeded. We meet or exceed the stringent quality and safety standards of Disney, Amazon and Walmart and have third party inspectors vet, audit and approve both our products and facilities for compliance. These extensive checks ensure your products are produced ethically and with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Get a fast & free quote for your products

You’re in the right place if you want to:

  • Source a new or existing product
  • Replicate an existing product
  • Produce a product that involves kitting
  • Ensure your product meets or exceeds North American safety standards

What now?

We can help in three easy steps:

Contact us to discuss your project and/or request a sample.

We’ll send you a custom quote based on your specifications.

We’ll manage the production and deliver a product that exceeds your expections on time and on budget.

Trust us.

Since 2004, MCRL Overseas has met the stringent audit stands of Disney and Walmart for quality, production and delivery. With highly experienced teams in both China and North America, your project is closely monitored at every stage.

We understand that using overseas services may seem risky. That’s why we’re here. With MCRL Overseas Group, you can have complete confidence that your project will be completed seamlessly and to the highest standards – yours and ours. We have solid, long-term relationships with our suppliers and thousands of successful projects under our belts.

You’ll be updated on your project’s status throughout the production and printing process. We work with you to ensure a positive, stress-free experience and to deliver a product that surpasses your expectations.

Still not sure? Trust them. (Our clients, that is.)

Product Sourcing
“I began using MCRL Overseas Group seven years ago. As a result of that amazing first experience have been using them ever since for all my China Sourcing needs. I have used MCRL on more than 100 projects. They are pros! They have feet on the ground to assist with inspection during the production process which is critical. They provide me with clear communication at all times. And if there is an issue they do not make excuses. They own the problem….Such a rarity!”

What makes MCRL the right choice for you?

Environmental responsibility

MCRL is committed to printing safe and affordable products. We do this through soy-based ink printing. Soy-based ink is not only more environmentally friendly than other ink bases, it also produces more accurate colors. Soy is easier to recycle when compared to oil-based ink. Unlike lead, soy ink is biodegradable and renewable. Soy ink is also more cost-effective, requiring less ink than traditional printing inks for the same quantity of print outs.

This eco-friendly badge means our processes and facilities have been audited, inspected and found to be environmentally compliant. Learn more about our commitment to environmentally friendly materials.

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