Before printing… check-off these 3 things

If you scroll through MCRL’s 5 Star Google Reviews and Testimonials you’ll see a theme in the comments. Shout-outs to real people. Josh, Jamie, Carol, Lori and Mankit truly care about your project. It’s why so many clients take the time to write reviews and print with MCRL year after year.

Whether you’re an established publisher or it’s your first time printing, our team will personally:

  • Take the time to explain terminology, features and best practices
  • Inspect your files and final product

Get the best of both worlds! Real people in North America managing your project. And overseas offset printing for competitive pricing.

Before you print…

Significant time, frustration and money can be saved by checking-off these 3 things BEFORE going to print (with us or another printer).

1. Find a graphic designer

Find a graphic designer or print production artist familiar with the Adobe Suite and experienced in preparing files for print.

a woman is designing a logo

A graphic designer or production artist will ensure your content is laid out properly based on your vision. He/she can also provide colour recommendations and design unique features.

Many of our clients find great professionals through Facebook and the Freelance Social Network. Use our artwork guidelines as a qualifier during the selection process (these are industry standard printing practices).

Need Design Help? Contact Us for recommendations.

2. Get a couple quotes

We recommend requesting quotes from 2-3 experienced printers.

Ask peers in your industry for recommendations on local and overseas printers. This way you can compare the difference in price, timeline and quality.

Make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

It’s important to understand what is/isn’t included in each printer’s quote. Here’s what’s included in every MCRL Overseas Group quote.

Comparing a pear to an apple

In order to get an accurate quote, a printer will need to know the following information about your project:

Request an all-in quote from us here.

3. Book a follow up call

Book a one-on-one call with your potential printers. This is a great way to test their responsiveness, patience and knowledge.

Our customer care team

You will be working closely with your printing partner so you want to ensure a good rapport and working relationship.

Here are 6 tips to help you evaluate printing partners.

Our team is happy to jump on a call to answer questions.

Quite often we have ideas and features clients hadn’t ever considered.

Contact us with questions or request a quote!