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Karen Rae

Turn “Blah” into “Blessed” with the Balanced Life Planner® by Karen Rae

“I was reflecting on my life and knew that once things returned to “normal” I didn’t want “normal” to look anything like it did prior to the pandemic”, says Karen Rae, a single mom and founder of Balanced Life by Karen Rae®.

Maybe you can relate…

Karen reflected on the five values that formed her family’s roadmap; faith, family, finances, fitness, and friendships. With those 5 fundamentals present in her life, she felt balanced.

Wouldn’t others?

Karen stayed up all night mapping out a PLAN. So many creative yet simple tactics flowed onto paper. The Balanced Life Planner® was born!

The Balanced Life Planner®

At the core of the Balanced Life philosophy is an acceptance that you’re not going to spend equal amounts of time on the “5Fs” every day.

For most people, family and finances (aka work) will take up a disproportionate amount of your time. But with a plan, you can easily slot in faith, fitness and friendships.

This is the brilliance of the undated, guilt-free Balanced Life Planner®.

Balanced Life Planner®
Balanced Life Planner®
Balanced Life Planner®
Balanced Life Planner®

If you think about the “5 Fs” at the beginning of each week, it’s possible to purposefully:

  • Practice Faith (i.e. schedule 2 minutes daily to meditate or pray
  • Focus on Friendships (i.e. take 30 seconds to text a friend)
  • Squeeze in Fitness (i.e. go for a 20 minute walk over lunch)

In addition to the weekly planning prompts, the Balanced Life Planner® features:

  • A “Balanced Life Checklist” to see how you’re doing
  • Goal setting and reflection pages
  • Holidays and observances
  • Action Plan suggestions and more…
set of Balanced Life Planners®

MCRL was honored to print the Balanced Life Planner® and Designer Notebooks for Karen Rae. We especially love the:

  • Bonus snap-in monthly spread with dry erase marker (a first for us and is getting rave reviews).
  • Six boutique-quality, soft-touch covers in coastal themes such as Golden Lotus and Jellyfish. These symbols (printed with gold foil) were intentionally chosen to create a feeling of relaxation and calm.
  • Branded keepsake presentation box that makes a meaningful gift for family and friends, any time of the year!
Karen Rae holding 6 planners in hands

I originally tried to print my planners directly with an overseas factory. The samples were terrible. When you are new to printing, you don’t know what you don’t know.

I am so grateful to have found MCRL. They’ve done a phenomenal job on every detail of the Balanced Life Planner® and Designer Notebooks.

Their team took the time to ask if I’d thought about this or that. I was never afraid to ask questions, they patiently explained terminology, included physical proofs and communicated with me throughout the process.

When you surround yourself with experts, you don’t need to know it all. You just need to know who you can rely on. I consider MCRL part of my “A” team and look forward to working on many more projects together! quote mark

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