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photo of Angeleah Donahue

Angeleah Donahue


For 12 years Angeleah Donahue and Ashley Bell had been imagining and drawing the magical world of Brightland.

The Blessing Ball is their first book in the Quest for Brightland series.

The Blessing Ball story unfolds in lyrical verses, brought to life with fantastical drawings of sparkle bugs and dreamlike characters (inspired by family members).

This one-of-a-kind book teaches children (and parents) how to overcome anxiety and find happiness through gratitude.

We have a soft spot for Angeleah…

When her book launched, Angeleah sent Carol a necklace, as a token of gratitude and symbol of her appreciation!

It was an honor to print this beautiful book and work with Angeleah, an incredibly talented and imaginative author.

inner pages of The Blessing Ball
inner pages of The Blessing Ball

Printing “Quest for Brightland, Book 1 The Blessings Ball

Angeleah had a clear vision for Quest for Brightland… and it involved oodles of GLITTER! She had trouble finding an offset printer who could produce to her detailed specifications…until she discovered MCRL Overseas Group.

The MCRL team lead by Carol, worked with Angeleah for many months to ensure the tiniest of details were just perfect.

3 features make this custom hardcover Children’s Book extraordinary

All 56 pages are accented in glitter!

Every page has a unique glitter treatment to reflect the characters’ distinct attributes.

glitter details

It’s a large book at 11” x 14” (the average children’s book is 7” x 10”).

Angeleah intentionally designed an oversized book so the entire family can cuddle up and feel part of the story.

little boy is reading The Blessings Ball

There are “easter eggs” hidden on pages with numbers in the story.

Kids will have fun spotting secret numbers on pages! The Count Your Blessings activity page at the end prompts kids to think about what they’re thankful for.

The Blessings Ball illustration

I would like to personally thank and recommend MCRL printers! MCRL was the only company I could find who was willing to take a risk and print glitter on every page. It was not easy to figure out but they did everything they could to solve challenges and keep working with me until I was happy.

And HAPPY, is exactly what I am. It was a pleasure to have their expertise and constant help on my team! quote mark

Introduce Your Family to Brightland

Mom's Choice Awards badge

The Blessing Ball received the 2020 Gold Level Distinguished Award by Mom’s Choice Awards honoring excellence.

Oh… and checkout the MANY incredible 5 STAR Amazon Reviews

Moonglow ColorKid review on Amazon

I am choked up writing this review. I have a child who has not shown much interest in reading despite many attempts through her life to get her to embrace the pursuit. She just seemed to find books unstimulating, but I kept trying with her and kept telling myself that with time may come change; that if I made low-pressure attempts to share books that sparked her interest, she may find something that lit a fire in her.

I think this book has really helped turn that corner for her. It is because the author and illustrator paid as much attention to detail in the artwork as they did in writing the details of the book itself. That is SO RARE in books – especially children’s books, often given cute but generic watercolor images or colorblocked icons – that this book immediately caught her attention. Oh, and let’s pause to mention: it doesn’t hurt that the book is HUGE, really nice quality, and just feels special overall. It’s something she wants to keep by her bed so she can show it to her cousins. It’s something she’s proud of.

I’ve bought many books online before and been let down by their quality, but this is one book that arrived and totally took me by surprise in the best possible way! Between the beautifully embossed, flowing artwork on every page, the super high quality materials, and the story within the book itself (no spoilers necessary; it’s a thoughtful and intelligently crafted story/guide to help your child fall asleep, appreciate everyday gifts or “blessings”, and feel safe and comforted by knowing they are loved and supported) this is just one of the best books (and I hope what will be a book series!) I have ever seen. I’m anxiously awaiting book 2 and proud to see my girl caring so much about her precious blessing book!!! Thank you to the author and illustrator for creating such a deeply engaging, captivating book for children!!!!

Disney Denizen review on Amazon

It is virtually impossible to give this book anything other than 5 stars. I would give it more if I could. This oversized book is a work of art with glitter-like texture on every page (hence the $35 price tag). If you are trying to decide between the book and Kindle versions, get the book version. You’ll be glad you did.

Buy Quest for Brightland and experience Brightland’s gratitude wall and other free resources here.

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