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photo of Ryan Moralevitz

Ryan Moralevitz

From a nature loving 4 year old to a 15 year old humanitarian: Meet Ryan Moralevitz and his new book InspirOcean.

Ryan has raised $16,000 for ocean conservation.

Ryan has always loved books, especially non-fiction and books about fish and animals.

At the age of 4, Ryan created The Fishes Wishes to help raise awareness and funds for ocean conservation.

Ten years AND two books later, The Fishes Wishes has raised $16,000 for ocean conservation.

“My brother and I loved to explore marine life in the shallow waters near our home, says Ryan. We started noticing the amount of trash in their habitat. Around the same time, I saw a picture in a book of a shark in distress – its gills suffocated by a plastic bag. I wished I could do something.” And he did.

Puffy The Pufferfish Saves The Ocean

Inspiring Action Through Art & Education

From a young age, Ryan recognized that education is key to inspiring action. He wrote his first book at the age of 5 (Puffy the Pufferfish Saves the Ocean) to help kids understand the issues on their local beaches.

This Tampa Bay teen’s second book, InspirOcean (our first time printing for Ryan) may look like a children’s book, but it’s intentionally written for all ages.

InspirOcean is full of fish facts that have been fact-checked by two scientists. Interviews with respected ocean conservationists and the incredible aquatic images raise awareness about the threats and how we can protect species in our oceans.


Size: 8.5″ X 11″ | 110 pages

Binding: Smyth sewn binding to stand up to years of wear and tear

Text pages: 70lb matte coated bamboo tree free paper (a renewable resource)

Cover: 100lb gloss cover on 100pt recycled Eska board. Matte lamination on front cover and back

The sole purpose of Ryan’s books and other Fishes Wishes initiatives is to inspire readers to take action to clean up the ocean and local waterways.

“Action can look like supporting your local ocean conservancy organization, taking part in cleanup events, reducing the use of plastic or simply not littering”, says Ryan.

When Ryan’s not writing a book or studying calculus, he…

Sea Turtle Lighted Wall Art & Angling for A Cleaner Ocean
Seahorse Lamp
Giving the Ocean A Hand
10th anniversary of The Fishes Wishes

This year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of The Fishes Wishes, Ryan has a number of conservation events and a large beach sculpture installation planned!

We’ve been raving about Ryan since he first called us to discuss his printing needs. This young man’s philanthropy, inventiveness and knowledge is incredibly impressive! You can support Ryan’s efforts by following him @the_fishes_wishes

MCRL’s been a great company to work with. The service was great. Everyone on the team responded quickly. Mr. Josh was particularly helpful! I chose MCRL initially because of their environmental focus. I wanted a book made with soy ink and Bamboo paper and sustainable planet-friendly materials. It was a great experience. quote mark

– Ryan Moralevitz, author, illustrator, inventor, activist, student

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