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Natalee Linez The MAGIC Journal

A truly magical journal

Natalee spells out how she created her first printed planner business

As an actress and social media influencer, Natalee Linez’s life is exciting … but far from routine. Natalee spends long days on set, engages with her 35K+ IG followers and runs an online business.

How does she do it all? Besides being UBER talented, the M.A.G.I.C. methodology plays a big role. The MAGIC Journal gives Natalee’s day structure, boosts her productivity and keeps her feeling grounded.

We reached out to Natalee to learn what inspired her My Magic Mornings online planner business and how she created the first MAGIC Journal for the masses.

Natalee Linez with Magic Journal
Magic Journal
Magic Journal
Magic Journal

Q: First off, what inspired you to create the MAGIC Journal?

Natalee: In this new day and age of social media, nothing grounds you like the physical.

I was struggling with routines and knew I needed more consistency and structure in my day. I kept hearing about the importance of a “morning routine”. And how a morning routine can set you up for a productive and peaceful day. I tried many morning practices recommended by authors and high performers. This helped me discover that my perfect morning involved:

Coffee..of course!

A life changing routine

After months of using the M.A.G.I.C. morning routine, I felt more joy. My productivity levels soared. I was more at peace. More present. My friends noticed the difference too. They asked for their own physical journal with the M.A.G.I.C. methodology to guide them.

The MAGIC Journal was born in 2020! It’s my first official business. My “baby” if you will. It’s been a huge learning experience and I’m enjoying the process.

Q: How DID you start the process of designing the MAGIC Journal?

Natalee: I was totally new to this entire industry and will be the first to say that I am not a “designer” (ahem limiting belief alert!). I know. But it’s true! I am naturally gifted at other things but designing is not one of them.

With this being said I hopped onto a website called Fiverr and hired my first graphic designer. It was extremely cheap and because of that I didn’t get exactly what I wanted. BUT I had to start somewhere. After my experience on Fiverr, I posted on social media to see if anyone knew of a good graphic designer. From there I found someone who helped me design the MAGIC Journal.

Even though I had a professional design it, I had the vision. I provided the color palette, icons, fonts (all of which you can find on and custom features.

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Before requesting a quote, you’ll need to know these three things:

The Size: I chose to go with a 6” x 9” journal as this allows ample room for writing without being too big to lug around.

The Features: The gold wire-o binding and MAGIC gold foil stamping on the front cover add a mystic quality which I love. I chose 100% recycled 100pt/100lb gloss ESKA board with matte lamination for front and back cover.

The Paper: The paper is high quality 80lb (120 gsm) to prevent ink bleeding through.

Q: What software/tools did you use to create your files?

Natalee: The graphic designer that helped me used ADOBE In-Design! I had never used this tool before but it worked very well to organize and created the pages for the journal.

Q: How did you find a company to print the MAGIC Journal?

Natalee: After creating the design files I starting researching companies to print my journals. I scoured the internet and came across the Facebook page for MCRL.

I read a review from a past client and messaged her to chat about the experience. She raved about how helpful everyone was AND about the quality. It was enough for me to take the next step in reaching out and then placing an order with MCRL. I am so happy I did!

Q: Did you get quotes from other printers?

Natalee: Yes, I did! When I was searching for a place to print the MAGIC Journals I wanted to make sure the quality was great and affordable. I needed to make sure I could profit as well as uphold our mission of donating Journals to non-profits/schools. MCRL’s price was within my budget. After receiving my Journal and seeing the quality, I will continue to print with MCRL.

Also, I really value working with a printer who shares the same philosophy of giving back. I love that MCRL donates 10K trees each year to impoverished communities through their for the Future sponsorship.

Q: Speaking of giving back…how many MAGIC Journals have you donated to students so far?

Natalee: Our overall mission is to integrate mental health and wellness tools into schools across the country. For every MAGIC Journal purchased we donate one to a non-profit! So-far we have donated over 500 journals!

Q: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs starting a Planner or Journal business?

Natalee: Always remember that it is a learning process. You don’t have to be a professional designer or journal/planner wizard to start. Google is your best friend. Watch You-Tube tutorials. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other people who have started similar businesses and ask them questions! (Even reach out to me!)

Natalee holding Magic Journal in hand

I printed my first set of journals with MCRL last year. I just placed my second order after selling out of the first!

The quality absolutely blew me away! I did gold foiling on the cover of the MAGIC Journal. I was curious how it was going to come out and it exceeded my expectations.

Also, before placing my order, the team was very good at answering all my questions. They sent me samples of features and ideas we discussed. I will be working with MCRL Overseas Group for a very long time! quote mark

– Natalee Linez, social media influencer, actress, entrepreneur and creator of the MAGIC Journal

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