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Established paper planner businesses are booming. New planner businesses have popped up with niche themes, unique features and exploding planner communities.

Day Planners, Weekly Planners, Productivity Planners, Gratitude Journals, Party Planners, Fitness & Wellness Planners, Recipe Planners, Family Planners…the list goes on!

The printed Journal and Planner industry has never been hotter….or more creative!
Take this in…according to Statista research, the Hobby & Stationery segment (which includes Planners/Journals) is expected to grow globally from 11% penetration in 2021 to 18% by 2025. With an average revenue per user of US$166.80.

4 Ways to Increase Sales of Your Printed Planner

Your printed Planner or Journal is unique to your business philosophy. But with so many choices on the market, you have to standout. Here are 4 ways to differentiate your Journal or Planner … and 4 inspiring “plan-preneurs” (MCRL clients) who are crushing it!

1. Know Your Niche

Define your niche. Are you trying to reach Millennial Moms trying to balance life? OR Female Gen Xers who want to eat, exercise and live healthier? It may be both but knowing your primary audience and catering your message to their interests will ensure your marketing resonates and Planners sell.

2. Get Tactile

How will folks use your printed Planner or Journal? What features can you add to ignite sales? Cool new cover materials and unique add-ons are one way to get noticed.

ADD an elegant pen imprinted with your logo or mantra. It’s not only a great productivity tool but an effective tactic for building awareness.

Did You Know?

1 Custom Pen = 20 NEW!
Brand Impressions

Bella Metal Pens & JournalClick to enlarge
Balanced Life Planner® by Karen RaeClick to enlarge
Consider designing a gift box to match your Planner or Journal.

A branded presentation box differentiates your Journal or Planner and makes for an exciting unboxing experience. It also multiplies orders! Your Planner will become the go-to gift your customers give to family and friends.

Add-ons such as pens, packaging and embellishments enhance your Planner’s perceived value AND justifies a higher price point.

Successful Planner Business: Balanced Life Planner® by Karen Rae

Get inspired by Karen Rae | @balancedlifekr

3. Give Back

Planners and Journals are produced with a purpose. To help people. Why not extend this into your marketing strategy? Support a cause that reflects your values and purpose.

Successful Planner Business: My Magic Mornings by Natalee Linez

Natalee Linez, an actress and entrepreneur created the MAGIC Morning Journal @mymorningmagic in 2020

My Magic Mornings by Natalee LinezClick to enlarge

As you open the MAGIC Morning Journal you’ll notice the custom tip-in page promoting Natalee’s mantra

“We want to spread the Magic”.

For every MAGIC journal purchased, Natalee donates one MAGIC Journal to a high school student.

4. Think BIG

Why will people buy your Planner or Journal? Two main reasons:

  1. They love your cover and layout
  2. They love you and your mantra

Give customers more of YOU to love.

Have you considered hosting a podcast OR looking for guest speaking opportunities on podcasts in your niche? How about leading a webinar so followers can ask you questions in real-time? What about creating courses to guide the community using your Planner or Journal?

Jess’s digital and print planners and journals, podcasts and courses are hugely popular. She has a personal following of 22,000+ women and her Hustle Sanely® Planning Tools have over 25,000 followers. Read how Jess Massey started it all here.

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