Promote your business with our creative people and products

Promote your business

With our creative people and products

Every day the MCRL team collaborates with clients to produce awesome print, packaging and promotional products. BUT because 99% of our business is word of mouth or google search, we’d never actually designed promotional items for our own business… until this spring when a distribution client suggested we attend the Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) promotional products industry show.

The MCRL team had two weeks to come up with a strategy that would drive people to our booth – not an easy challenge given thousands of exhibitors attend this huge show. We needed a hook – something a little special to promote our business and get potential customers to stop by.

Let the Brainstorming Begin!

During a morning huddle we brainstormed how to narrow down our messaging and choose the product that would best engage our desired audience – the other exhibitors (distributors) showcasing their products. We started brainstorming ways we could intrigue distributors to drop by our booth during breaks.

Industry insiders shared with us that distributors attending this show tend to sell the same things. Their clients (corporate buyers and retailers) are looking for really unique ideas. Distributors need to differentiate their products to compete for new business.

The Big Idea

Most distributors don’t bother with the logistics of kitting their products as this requires managing multiple suppliers. However, clients love new ideas and appreciate when a complicated program can be simplified. We’re experienced taking a concept, collaborating on a design, sourcing the right suppliers and coordinating with multiple factories to deliver a product that exceeds everyone’s expectations. This is what we call kitting.

Kitting products in cool packaging is an easy, cost effective and fun way to stand-out from the crowd. And happens to be our sweet-spot.

So…we made a box. But not just any box. We designed a three dimensional box with moving parts. This box showcases a few kitting programs using fun, functional packaging designed for clients (employee appreciation gifts, portable sales kits, training programs in a box). Our messaging highlights how packaging can really sweeten a deal…and we added a few sweets for good measure.

Our team walked the floor presenting this sweet box to exhibitors. The idea was sticky! We had a steady stream of distributors drop by our booth, closed some deals and have lots of new contacts to stay in touch with.

MCRL Booth at ASI Show 2019 in Chicago

This out of the box promotional packaging told our story in a very simple, direct and fun way.

We’re sharing this experience as it demonstrates the speed, creativity and execution abilities of our team. We love new ideas and will rise to the challenge of finding effective promotional products and packaging that wins YOU new business.

Let us help you get started!