Why Print with MCRL in China?

Why Print with MCRL in China?

3 reasons why

The North American printing market has seen incredible competition from the Chinese printing industry in the last five years. There are over 100,000 Chinese printing companies now servicing a growing list of global clients BUT all overseas printers are not created equal.

Here are three reasons to entrust your project with MCRL rather than dealing directly with Chinese factories.

1. Quality

MCRL has long term relationships with high tech printing partners. Our partners invest in world-class equipment and training to handle standard and intricate print production demands. The result is a higher quality product than a typical factory produces at a lower price than you’ll see in North America.

2. Kitting and Intricate Projects

MCRL excels in complicated kitting and bindery operations. North American companies have been going overseas for these services for years as the price tag on these types of projects in North America is extremely high. MCRL has a large network of suppliers and printers who coordinate and inspect extremely high touch, intricate orders.

3. Communications

Randomly choosing a Chinese factory to produce your project is risky. Language barriers, cultural differences and time zone can make even the simplest product into a huge, time-consuming headache. MCRL has been overlooking the operations and production of thousands of products produced in China for over 10 years. Our team in China is fluent in English and Mandarin and has established strong relationships with preferred factories to ensure North American expectations are not only met, but exceeded. A dedicated team in China inspects, sends samples and proofs print, packaging, product sourcing or promotional items so clients can review and approve. This is a key differentiator and avoids any disappointment that may occur with deviations in color or texture with a design mock-up compared to product in-hand.

With MCRL Overseas Group you get an experienced, multilingual team in China and North America operating in your time zone ensuring the highest quality product, best price and friendly hand to guide you through decisions and approvals.

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