Plant more trees and change more lives with us

Plant more trees and change more lives with us

22,001 trees planted …and counting!

As a sponsor, MCRL Overseas Group and our clients have planted over 22,000 trees since 2019 …helping to break the cycle of poverty and hunger for thousands of families in developing countries.

MCRL Tally so far... 22,001 trees planted

What is aims to end hunger and poverty by training farmers in the developing tropics of Africa, Latin America, and South and Southeast Asia to regenerate their land.

For over 30 years, for the Future has been planting trees or Forest Gardens, as they are called, to provide impoverished families with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, fuel wood and products to sell.

Trees for the Future’s 4-year training program allows Forest Garden farmers to increase their income and access to food, while improving the environment.

MCRL’s Environmental Focus

As a partner, MCRL is committed to actively planting 10,000 trees per year! When you place a print order with MCRL Overseas Group, your Journals, Planners and Books feature a “Trees for the Future” badge. You and your customers can feel good knowing your project is helping protect the climate while providing income to some of the world’s neediest communities.

How can you help? It starts with trees.

Print your next Journal, Planner or Book with MCRL.

Trees for the Future badge on a product

MCRL Overseas Group will add a complimentary “Trees for the Future” badge on your products – a visible sign that shows customers your commitment to improving communities and protecting the climate.

By having MCRL print your Journals, Planners and Books, you and your printed products help global efforts to reduce poverty and improve the environment.

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