Courageous Life® Planning System

Simply THE BEST!

Simply THE BEST! From start to finish, the MCRL team was outstanding. They were patient, courteous, professional, timely, and produced results that met or exceeded our expectations time and time again. As a published author, I’ve interacted with many editors and literary agents. I can tell you without hesitation that MCRL is the right choice!

Sweet words every company aspires to hear from their clients.

MCRL had the honor of working with Michael Anthony throughout 2019 on his Courageous Life® Planning System, a suite of life-changing journals that helps people set and achieve great goals.

A Journey of Journals

Creating the Courageous Life® Planning System journals was a journey that took more than one year from concept to publication. Michael had a clear vision for this project and the MCRL team wanted to make sure we delivered it perfectly.

Michael designed the Courageous Life® Planning System to help people think about and prioritize their legacy and long-term goals. He does this by walking each user through a fun, exploratory series of questions in each of the seven areas of life:


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Courageously Custom

Michael’s journals are truly 100% custom. Every page, feature and focal element was meticulously drafted, proofed and reviewed. The process involved MANY questions, calls, emails, edits and bound proofs. MCRL took great care in the design, print and shipping details so Michael’s Courageous Life® Planning System works well as well as it looks.

Courageous Life® Planning System

The Finished Product

As you can see Michael’s Courageous Life Planning System is a beautiful blend of creativity, coaching and concrete advice.

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Michael has reason to be proud of his masterpiece and we’re proud to have stuck by his side from the beginning to end!

Michael Anthony

About this awesome client:

Michael Anthony is an author, award-winning  speaker, and entrepreneur known for his expertise in showing people how to develop courage as their new way of life.

He is the creator of the Courageous LifeTM Planning System, and author of A Call for Courage: Living With Power Truth, and Love in an Age of Intolerance and Fear (Foreword by George Barna, Thomas Nelson Publishers). He or his works have been featured in major publications and news outlets, including the New York Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News, Charisma,, The Christian Post, and more.

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