Soy-Based Ink

Soy-Based Ink

Safe, sustainable and soy much more

You just need to walk into a book store, scroll through social media or bend your ear to witness North America’s pre-occupation with food and fitness.

Whether real or aspirational, there is a huge focus on health, wellness and safety.

Sitting will kill you. Animal products are bad. Fat is good, or is it bad?

We’re so conscious and conflicted about the foods we put into our bodies. But have you thought about what can get into the food that goes into your body? The particles not listed on the label? What’s your takeout Thai box made of? How about that sub wrapper? Cupcake sleeve?

It’s inevitable for food to come into contact with its packaging. We’re not pointing this out to add to your worry list. The FDA monitors food packaging very closely to ensure toxic chemicals don’t migrate from packaging into the food. However, one area that is sometimes overlooked when designing packaging is the ink.

Packaging experts are primarily focused on the design and use of safe materials. However, the ink used on your brand package is just as important as your message. Lead and petroleum-based inks are commonly used in packaging. Why take a risk with petroleum or lead-based inks next to food when a soy-based, safe and sustainable ink exists, that also happens to be less expensive?

Cake in Point

a giftbox for The Cheesecake Factory’s employees

We recently sourced a giftbox for The Cheesecake Factory’s employees.

Management wanted an inexpensive, safe and durable box to present recognition gifts to team members celebrating anniversaries or going over and above for guests.

While it’s unlikely the Cheesecake Factory will include a slice of cake in the box, MCRL Overseas Group’s number one priority is always to find suppliers who adhere to the strict FDA requirements for food safety and packaging. So…we added the requirement for soy-based ink to be used. Soy-based ink is safe plus offers a more vibrant color than phthalate and lead-based inks. The result is a box that looks as good as The Cheesecake Factory’s cakes taste.

a giftbox for The Cheesecake Factory’s employees

Environmentally Conscious Choices

MCRL Overseas Group believes in producing products with the least environmental impact possible.

eco friendly
Our processes and facilities have been audited, inspected and found to be environmentally compliant.
ESKA logo
We are a big supporter of Eska®board, made from 100% recycled raw materials. Eska has the smallest carbon footprint possible in their industry. Eska gasifies the waste materials released in processing its recycled paper to become steam which is used in its paper production processes.
We recommend clients consider Tree-free Bamboo Paper Stock for their print and packaging. Here’s why… for the future logo
MCRL Overseas Group sponsors
This amazing organization enables impoverished communities to transform their lands into Forest Gardens that provide jobs, protect eco-systems, shelter wildlife and sequester carbon in the communities it supports. MCRL Overseas Group contributes funds for 10,000 trees to be planted each year and encourages clients to make a $100 donation when placing an order. In return we’ll include a badge on your book, product or package. Read how you can help communities with your next order.