Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future

Saving the planet one tree at a time

MCRL Overseas Group is proud to be a Trees for the Future partner. As a sponsor we’re helping plant trees and inspiring our customers to support an amazing organization that empowers many impoverished families and communities.

MCRL believes planting trees is an important environmental mission today. It provides jobs, protects eco-systems, shelters wildlife and sequesters carbon which effectively fights climate change. In just one year we have planted more than 10,000 trees and have committed to plant 10,000 more trees yearly.

What is Trees for the Future?

30 yearsFor over 30 years, Trees for the Future has been planting fast-growing fruit trees, hardwoods and food crops in a systematic manner that positively changes families lives forever. Forest Gardens, as they are called, consist of thousands of trees that provide families with sustainable food sources, livestock feed, products to sell, fuel wood and a 400% increase in their annual income over four years.

How it Works

Trees for the Future identifies a group of farmers—typically 300 families at a time —who have both a great need for assistance and a high likelihood of success. Farmers provide the land, labor, and water; a powerful, entrepreneurial determination; and an inspiring sense of ownership. TREES provides training, mentoring, seeds, nursery supplies and guides the farmers through the process of using trees to protect, diversify, and eventually optimize their crop land. It takes four years to fully establish the Forest Garden, and TREES offers ongoing coaching and regular site visits during this time.

The Goal

TREES, with the help of many sponsors, including MCRL, are enabling families to escape extreme poverty by learning how to transform their lands into Forest Gardens. The goal is to lift one million people out of poverty using the Forest Garden Approach, working with 125,000 impoverished families to plant 500 million trees.

Progress thus far…

Trees Planted


Lives Changed


Acres Restored


Tons of Carbon Sequestered


% Families Food Secure after 1 Year


Donate to Make a Difference

Trees for the Future .OrgMCRL encourages our clients to support this incredible organization by making a $20 (or more) donation when placing a print, packaging or product sourcing order.
Trees for the Future badgeIn return for your support, MCRL Overseas Group will include a complimentary Trees for the Future badge on your product. A visible sign that lets your customers know they are supporting a brand/product that values sustainable development. By helping us plant more trees your products will make a difference with an impact that outlasts even the lifespan of a book.

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