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Work-back your schedule so your project arrives on time

You’ve signed off on a quote and are now ready to get your project rolling. MCRL Overseas Group has a team of experienced project managers to walk you through the process and provide you with a schedule and list of items needed to begin production.

Getting a high quality product to your door on time and within budget is our number one goal. While we handle the details, we do depend on our clients for some mission-critical information and assets.

Here are three suggestions to avoid unforeseen delays:

1. Agree on a backward schedule and stick to it

Delays are stressful and can be costly. MCRL Overseas Group’s production team advises clients on the best course of action, provides a list of unique requirements and works with clients on developing a realistic schedule. Communicating and meeting drop dead dates is critical to avoid frustrating project delays. Backward scheduling is especially important for offshore work as the consequence of a missed deadline can mean not catching a sea vessel on time.

2. Keep final assets in one place

Create a shared folder to store all your final art files and assets. This cuts down on time spent trying to find the latest version, avoids errors made uploading a wrong file and keeps your team/project organized.

3. Proof and then proof again

We recommend having more than one person on your team check each art file before uploading. A second pair of eyes is likely to catch any mistakes and it’s always better to make tweaks before submitting final files. Adjustments are part of the process and there’s usually time to fix before final production but can slow things down.

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