Sheri Fink | New to self-publishing? Learn more from our client.

New to Self-Publishing?

Learn from our client Sheri Fink!

Sheri Fink is a world-famous, best-selling author of 15 children’s books including The Little Rose – a #1 Amazon Best-Seller for over 60 weeks.

As a successful author, inspiring speaker and President of Whimsical World, Sheri is frequently asked how to publish and market a new book. She’s developed many resources to help aspiring authors generate awareness and sales for their creative endeavours.

Sheri Fink and her books

Sheri’s Resources

We reached out to Sheri as many children’s book authors are looking for information on publishing books and building their business. Here are a few of Sheri’s top children’s book resources.

1. Five Mistakes First-Time Authors Make (and how to avoid them)

Are you a first-time author printing your children’s book? If yes, writing might be  starting to feel like the easy part! Don’t fret. Help is here.

2. POD or Offset Printing… which is best for a children’s book?

The pros and cons of Print-On-Demand and Offset Printing a children’s book.

3. Book Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Strategies

90-minute course all about writing, publishing, and marketing books to become a successful independent author.

4. How to Find and Hire the Perfect Illustrator for your Children’s Books

60-minute course about how to find and hire the perfect illustrator for your children’s book.

5. Kickstarter Crowdfunding Success Strategies

60-minute course sharing behind-the-scenes marketing and business strategies that could help you achieve your crowdfunding goals.

6. YouTube Interviews

Sheri has been interviewed many times throughout her writing career. She compiled the best of the best videos for aspiring authors. These interviews talk about everything from how she got started, to ways to use word-of-mouth marketing, to thinking of independent publishing as a business, and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Publishing Playlist

Author / Author Show Interview Playlist

7. Ongoing Resources

Sheri offers free webinars on topics related to writing, publishing and marketing children’s books. Sheri is also a key influencer on social media. Her inspiring posts often contain links for RSVPing for exclusive content. Follow Sheri online at:

Facebook: (@SheriFinkFan)

Instagram: (@Sheri_Fink)

Twitter: (@Sheri_Fink)



This is the best time to be a part of the independent publishing movement when so many new voices have the opportunity to be heard. I hope my journey inspires others to do what it takes to bring their books into the world as well.

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