Grow your business with a custom planner | 3 growth ideas, 2 tips and 1 mindset to make it happen

Grow your business with a custom planner

3 growth ideas, 2 tips and 1 mindset to make it happen

Have you ever thought about producing your own custom branded planner?

We’re seeing so many entrepreneurs create physical planners that bloom into beautiful new revenue streams.

In this blog we share 3 ways custom planners will grow your business, 2 insider tips and 1 mindset manifestation to make it happen.

Let’s dive in…

3 ways planners grow your business

😀 Planners add value to your customers’ daily life.

Whenever someone grabs your planner they are reminded of your business. But planners aren’t just a physical marketing tool. Your followers and clients will value having a tangible guide to support them in practicing your methodology or mantra.

? Planners generate passive income.

Selling custom planners gets you off the hourly billing treadmill (work smarter, not harder!). When you print 300+ planners with an offset printer (like MCRL) you get the lowest price PLUS you’ll have an inventory of planners to sell and upsell in so many ways (more on this below).

‼️ Planners differentiate your business.

Just as you are unique, so is your planner. You can customize elements to reflect your brand colours, content, and vibe with practical extras like ribbons, tabs, inside pockets, pens… and so much more so your planner stands out.

2 insider tips

MCRL has been producing planners for over 20 years now! We asked a few successful entrepreneurial clients about the secret to their planner business’ success. The common answer – CUSTOMIZATION AND CONFIDENCE.

CUSTOMIZATION – People love bespoke touches

Your planner is a reflection of you and your brand. For your planner to standout, it needs to reflect your style, your attention to quality and your voice.

Things like using your PMS brand palette, custom content, eco-materials, gorgeous cover decorating with matching binding…those are just a handful of ways you can make a planner your own.

Many of our planner clients have taken it one step further and created branded mailer boxes, packaging, pens and affirmation cards as ways to make their clients/customers feel more connected and excited about their brand.

Inside branded pockets

Inside branded pockets for important documents

Index Tabs divide modules

Index Tabs divide modules or months

Ribbon can

Ribbon can promote your colors and mantra


Whiteboard snap-ins and dry erase markers are awesome for weekly meal planning and goals

If you can imagine it, there’s a good chance our offset printing team can produce it!!

Print-on-Demand (POD) printers offer limited customization. Offset printing allows you to create almost anything!! It’s these custom touches that reinforce your brand and add functionality – which customers love.


Printing a few of your planners with a digital POD (print-on-demand) printer isn’t a bad idea to start. You can tweak your design, test marketability and gain confidence.

However, it’s really hard to grow your business with POD printing. The costs are higher and your quantities are smaller (calculate your profit margin here).

Printing 300+ planners might seem scary at first BUT it means you’ll have confidence knowing you:

  • Received the absolute best price and highest quality product
  • Have inventory on-hand for big orders and holiday promotions
  • Can offer “take aways” for seminars, workshops and retreats which increase customer value (and the price you can charge)

1 mindset will make it happen!!

You just need to manifest selling 300+ copies of your custom planner!!

You’ll work harder and make a much higher profit margin versus selling one planner at a time by printing-on-demand.

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Remember – you don’t have to know it all! Design a custom planner that’s “all you” and print it with a partner you can rely on!!

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