4 Great Guided Journals for 2021

4 Great Guided Journals for 2021

The practice of daily journaling is helping many people around the world weather these challenging times. There are many benefits to writing down your thoughts and feelings. Studies show journaling helps reduce anxiety and stress, improves productivity, creativity, goal-setting, memory, problem-solving and organization. Even your physical health can benefit from keeping a journal.

There’s something to be said for writing down (vs typing) your inner thoughts. Here are four great guided journals it’s been a honor to print for clients.

Mindfulness Journals

For Tween Girls:

“All of Me” Journals

Empowers growing minds, bodies, and souls

We helped Heather create these engaging and meaningful journals with daily activities, journaling pages and inspirational quotes. The gold foil embellishment on the cover adds a fairy tale feel. The “All of Me” Journal is a safe space for girls aged 9-12 to explore their thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

All of Me Journals
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Spark Journals
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For Kids:

“Spark Journals”

Cultivates a growth mindset, gratitude & mindfulness

We guided Jenni through her first large overseas printing project. Spark Journals durable hardcover book features matte lamination printing on the cover and many uniquely designed pages. This amazing kids journal is filled with tools to build resilience using engaging designs and age-appropriate activities.

Productivity Journals

For Professionals:

“Elegant Excellence Goals” Journal

A career coach and therapist all in one

Hilary designed this journal to help people focus on their goals and really prioritize what’s important. We provided advice on the best paper, binding and other embellishments to ensure this inspiring journal is beautiful and durable to inspire writing daily entries, goals and dreams… at home, work or on the go.

Elegant Excellence Goals Journal
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Gratitude Journals

Thanks Journal
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For Everyone:

Thanks Journal

Encourages a positive mindset through gratitude

Sarah ‘s “Thanks Journal” is a daily practice designed to help direct lives in a happier and more fulfilling direction. Each page presents four exercises that are rooted in gratitude and a quote to inspire you along the way. A beautiful book we are grateful to have produced.

If you’re looking for a company to print your custom Journal or Planner, contact us for a complimentary consultation or request a quote.

Changing Lives Through Trees

As a Trees.org partner, MCRL plants 10,000 trees every year. hen you place an order with us, your Journals and Planners feature a “Trees for the Future” badge. You and your customers can feel good knowing your project is helping protect the climate while providing income to some of the world’s neediest communities.

Changing Lives Through Trees