Printing Services

MCRL delivers extremely competitive pricing with superior printing quality. Our exceptional pricing allows you to produce a much higher quality, and more unique looking product.

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To fully take advantage of printing from MCRL, the following types of jobs will produce the highest cost-saving ratio:

  • Hardbound Books
  • Spiral Bound Books
  • High Quality Jobs
  • Multi-page Jobs (Bibles, Catalogs, Novels, Textbooks)
  • Customized Projects (Binders, Calendars, Gift Bags, Gift Boxes)

Process of Production

1.  Hardcopy Proofs

Once the artwork is received, we send you two sets of hardcopy proof ( 1 set of CTP Epson proof + 1 set of digital proof) for approval by courier mail before the entire print run. Therefore, you know what you will get for the final copy.

2.  Production Management

Once your project is approved for printing, the on-site MCRL Quality Control Team will be responsible for your order. The Team will guide YOUR project from beginning to end to ensure it meets MCRL’s high quality standards.

3.  Door-to-Door Delivery

Once printing of your order is completed, your consignments will be sent by insured-shipment,
door-to-door, from MCRL’s China factories to your final destination by Ocean Freight. This service includes customs clearance and routing via inland delivery freight carrier.

Turn Around Time

  • Create a proof – 2 days
  • Send proof to you by courier – 4 business days
  • Production – 7 days + (depends on the size of the project)
  • Shipping by ocean or air freight

Transit Time

1.  Air Freight – 4 to 6 business days to anywhere in Canada or US
2.  Ocean Freight – 18 days to Vancouver or other west coast cities
– 10 days to Toronto from Vancouver

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