Our leadership team

Mankit Chan

Mankit Chan President and Chief Operating Officer

Mankit founded MCRL Overseas in 2007. As a buyer for a large organization, he was frustrated paying premium domestic prices for items that he knew were much less expensive to produce overseas.

MCRL was one of the first companies to enter into the overseas print and production business at that time. Mankit’s solid understanding of the North American procurement process gave him a noticeable competitive advantage. His expertise combined with a strong belief in consistent customer care has led to the company’s dramatic growth and expansion into packaging, promotional and product sourcing services. Over the years, Mankit and his team have learned a thing or two. They are strong believers in taking a hands-on approach, regularly making recommendations and identifying potential issues before they become a problem.

This is especially important when working on large orders in the overseas manufacturing world.

Mankit’s understanding of the culture, language and processes make MCRL Overseas Group the “best in class” provider of print, packaging, promotional or product sourcing services.

Carol Popper

Carol Popper VP, Production

Carol Popper joined MCRL in March of 2016 and hit the ground running as our Print Production Manager. She came to us after working over 20 years for a busy Toronto Advertising Agency as their resident print broker. She completed the Certified Print Production Practitioner Program at The Institute of Communication Agencies in Toronto and has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of offset and digital printing as well as different bindery and finishing techniques. Carol has a passion for print and clearly remembers the days before digital when actual film was used to create printing plates!

Carol loves interacting with customers and working on so many varied projects. She acts as “liaison” between the customer and our plant overseas and addresses any/all issues that come up, sometimes even without the customer’s knowledge, to ensure production progresses smoothly. Regardless of the size of an order, Carol gives each client her utmost attention. “Each project is exciting and new. Our customers have varying degrees of experience when it comes to print. I love being able to help with any production issue and offering my recommendations to ensure the best possible outcome.”

When Carol is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids or curling up with a good book (print on paper of course… no digital books here!).

Steve Li

Steve Li VP, Operations and Procurement

Steve has extensive experience in the Chinese manufacturing industry with a strong understanding of North American standards and expectations. Steve has been integral in our team’s ability to adapt to the drastic changes in the Chinese manufacturing sector over the past few years.

He leads our team in China and continues to streamline and strengthen our operations and manufacturing capability.

Jamie Sholl

Jamie Sholl Operations Manager

With over 7 years of experience in logistics and warehousing, Jamie has all the industry intel in the shipping field. Her main goal is to get the goods to its final destination in a timely manner and to keep clients happy. Managing operations from China to North America is no small endeavor. Her passion for excellent customer service and satisfaction is what keeps her moving forward in this volatile industry. Jamie leads the team in Canada and is constantly looking for ways to improve productivity and standards within the supply chain.

When Jamie isn`t working you can catch her eating and spending time with family! She is a big foodie who takes pleasure in trying all kinds of foods from different cultures.

Ralph Pieczonka

Ralph Pieczonka Digital Director

Self-described IT fanatic, Ralph’s done IT consulting, web development, SEO and online marketing for hundreds of clients worldwide since 1996. Often asked “How do you know all this ****? (editor: we think they mean stuff)” and described by some as “The Swiss Army Knife of IT” he fully embraces that nickname and hereby pledges to put two decades of IT, web and business experience to work for you!

Noel Mercieca

Noel Mercieca Design Director / Photographer

With over 18 years in the Design & Graphics field, Noel has led creative strategy and developed engaging visual experiences spanning a variety of sectors including automotive, food & beverage, technology, apparel, financial services, technology, government and non-profit.

Noel is full of ideas for MCRL in terms of product design, print collaterals, packaging, photography, online media, microsites, video production and more.

When not at his computer, you’ll find Noel behind a camera taking incredibly beautiful nature photos.