Caught in the middle of the tariff war?

MCRL Overseas Group offers an all-in quote to take out the risk

As a business working directly with overseas suppliers, we’re acutely aware of how the political climate between the United States and China affects pricing.

  • Products previously immune to tariffs, such as books and packaging, are today (October 2, 2019) subjected to a 15% and 30% charge, respectively.
  • Tariff rates can change in the blink of an eye making it hard to plan and adding uncertainty to businesses that rely on overseas suppliers.

The tariff war is hitting publishers particularly hard.

Many of the most mechanically complex and innovative books, including children’s books, can only be printed in China.

Holiday House, the first American publisher to focus exclusively on children’s books is feeling this first-hand. Founded in 1939, Holiday House had to move their printing to China due to the complicated four-color printing essential for their children’s book titles.

“There are good color printers in the U.S. and Canada, but they don’t have the capacity to service the entire industry and their prices are usually twice what you might pay”, says Derek Stordahl, Holiday House’s executive vice president in a recent CNBC article.

Workman CEO, Daniel Reynolds reinforces the same point in the article. “Today nearly three-quarters of our catalog consists of four-color books, board books, and other types of unusual books that cannot be printed in the United States, due to lack of a trained workforce and capacity.”

MCRL Overseas Group takes out the guessing

Publishers and businesses of all sizes are scrambling to understand the impact tariffs will have on their timelines and pricing. MCRL Overseas Group knows providing clients with a firm quote that includes tariffs and customs charges allows a business to plan. And avoids big surprises. In this volatile environment, not many printing and packaging vendors are willing to provide a fixed quote to their clients.  Here’s what’s included in every MCRL Overseas quote.

Let us provide you with an all-in quote so you know your costs and can make strategic decisions NOW regarding pricing, if necessary, rather than react by cutting staff or losing margin during an important selling season.

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